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The Jewish Historical Institute

The Jewish Historical Institute is the only institution in Poland focused entirely on the study of the history and culture of Polish Jews. It is the largest depository of Jewish-related archival documents, books, journals, and museum objects.

The preservation of collections that document the past richness of Jewish experience in Poland is a starting point for expanding and making them meaningful to the public. In democratic Poland there has been enormous demand for reliable information about Jews and their life, their role in Polish history and culture. Filling in the blanks in public consciousness and correcting harmful distortions are guiding principles of the work done at JHI, be it reference service, research projects, education, exhibits, or publishing.

There is no Great Synagogue at Tlomackie Street now. An office building has been erected on the site. But in its shadow you can still see and visit a historical place. It is one of the living demonstrations of the Polish-Jewish history of Warsaw, but continuation is by no means its only role; the need to promote sound knowledge is an inspiring challenge that we have to stand up to and which makes us look hopefully to the future.