« L’Histoire »: The reference magazine for anyone passionate about History

Its objectives

  • - To present a synthesis of historians’ work to the greater public
  • - To study questions raised by current events more thoroughly
  • - To analyze and provide keys to understanding debates in society.
  • - Bringing the greatest historians’ words together.

The magazine

Created in 1978, the magazine L’Histoire is “a serious review, produced by professional historians, and elaborately illustrated” (Michel Winock, one of the founders of the magazine).

L’Histoire is also…

  • - A website: www.histoire.presse.fr provides information on each edition (summary, editorial, selection of articles). The on-line archives, book reviews and “ Portal of History” are useful research tools for students as well as enthusiasts.
  • - Special offers and privileges for subscription holders and readers all over France: conferences, debates shows, travel, private shows of exhibitions and prestigious sites, previews…
  • - Partnerships with important events linked to History: the International Historical film festival of Pessac, the Historical ‘Rendez-Vous’ of Blois, the French National Library, the town of Mulhouse, the Senate’s Day for Citizens-and-History…
  • And also partnerships with the media: France Musique (radio), Arte web, histoire, Citato…

For more information see www.histoire.presse.fr

Editorial: courrier@histoire.presse.fr

External relations: relations.exterieures@histoire.presse.fr

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