Nuremberg : collecting pictures as

«That Justice be done »

Since taking office, U.S. Attorney General Robert H. Jackson, appointed by President Truman to establish the International Military Tribunal (TMI) that will try Nazi officials, approaches the FPB in order to collect photographic documents as evidence and to film the forthcoming trial.

That Justice Be Done, Ray Kellogg,
USA, 1945 © USHMM, Public Domain

Nazis facing their crimes

The affidavit – a solemn declaration, under oath – signed by Ray Kellogg, John Ford and George Stevens guarantees the authenticity of the images that are going to be shown at the TMI.

Extract from Nuremberg, les nazis face à leurs crimes, Christian Delage, France, 2006 © Compagnie des Phares et Balises/Arte France. Including extract from « Nazi Concentration
Camps » Ray Kellogg, USA, 1945, © USHMM, public domain