Sixty-five years ago, the world was to discover the films made by the Allied in the concentration camps and in the extermination camps. Though we got their images, we know few, if at all, their authors and even less, the conditions of their realization. We have decided to follow the path of three of these images' producers, these film directors who came from Hollywood : John Ford, Samuel Fuller, and George Stevens.
In 1945, the pictures of Dachau taken by Stevens' crew are inserted in a documentary, first shown in the United States, before being projected and used as evidence of the Nazis' crimes in front of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. It is John Ford, who has undertaken this unprecedented experience. He directed himself a special unit – the Field Photographic branch (FPB) – responsible for the production of films such as The Nazis concentration camps, and for the organization of the filming of the trial.

Extract :
The Typewriter, the Rifle
& the Movie Camera,

Adam Simon,
Grande-Bretagne, 1996.
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