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“Resettlement of the Jews in the East” Notice signed by the Warsaw Judenrat on July 22, 1942. Poster printed in German and Polish.
ARG II/0186

This is part of the implementation of the Final Solution under the code name of Aktion Reinhardt in the General Government in Poland. The poster refers to certain exempted categories: employees of the administration or of German companies; members and employees of the Jewish Council; members of the Jewish police; employees of the Jewish hospitals as well as the members of the Jewish disinfection team; children and spouses of persons in these categories as well as hospitalized patients unable to travel. As the deportations progressed, these exemptions were removed.
The text indicates as well: “Each Jew to be resettled may take 15 kg of luggage. Additional luggage shall be confiscated. Valuables: cash, jewelry, gold etc. may be taken along. Take food for three days.” The purpose was to keep all possible hypotheses alive as to the destination of the transports: in this case it turned out to be Treblinka. The penalty in case of infraction was most explicit: “any Jew to leave the ghetto as from the beginning of the resettlements, who is not amongst the above categories, any Jew participating in any activities aimed at avoiding or disturbing the resettlement, any Jew seen in Warsaw once the resettlement is completed and who is not amongst the above mentioned categories….shall be shot.…”