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Map of the future ghetto published in Kurier Warszawski (Warsaw Courier), October 15, 1940. Printed document in Polish. ARG I/0266A

The Warsaw Courier, a pro-Nazi newspaper, published a map of the future ghetto on October 15, 1940, along with a list of the streets in the capital where “Jews are forbidden to live and which they must vacate to go to the zone reserved for their relocation”, and the list of streets "where the Jews must resettle". In haste and confusion, 138,000 Jews from various parts of Warsaw moved into the ghetto and about 115,000 Christians moved out amid violence and looting by both Germans and Poles. During the night of November 15-16, 1940, the ghetto was sealed off, imprisoning more than 350,000 persons: 40 % of the population of Warsaw in 8% of the city surface.