Historical atlas

The historical maps illustrate various themes: the internment camps in France, France in 1940, Europe in 1942, the ghettos of Poland, the main transport routes to Auschwitz, the concentration camps and the death marches.


The main internment and concentration camps

This map shows the concentration and death camps in Germany, Alsace and Poland.

The camps in France

A map of all the camps in France: concentration and internment camps, Jewish-only camps, Todt organization camps and camps under German administration.

Europe in 1942

This map illustrates the balance of power in the pivotal year of 1942. It shows the Nazi “Grand Reich”, countries occupied by Germany and Italy, the Axis countries, neutral countries and Allied countries.

The ghettos In Poland

This map shows the various stages of Germany’s occupation of Poland and the locations of the many ghettos in that country as well as in Lithuania and Latvia.

The main transport routes to Auschwitz

A map of the routes of the trains that took over a million Jews to Auschwitz-Birkenau from nearly all the countries occupied by Germany or its allies.

The death marches

This detailed map shows the routes of the 1945 death marches from Auschwitz, Gross-Rosen and Buchenwald.