Training seminars

Training seminars for teachers

The Shoah Memorial organizes training seminars in partnership with France’s Ministry of Education, teacher training schools (IUFM) and other training bodies. They focus on the issues of teaching and transmission: what pedagogical methods should be used in middle or high schools for such topics? Since 2005, training seminars have been developed in partnership with the Boards of Education of France’s various departments.

Send requests to the training department:
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Previous Education Academy Training Plan seminars focused on:

  • Teaching the Holocaust and 20th-century génocides
  • The violence of war in the 20th century.

Student training seminars

The Shoah Memorial organizes tailor-made training seminars for students or student groups. Lectures, panel discussions, film screenings, workshops, general or themed tours of the Memorial, talks with survivors and visits to places of remembrance (Auschwitz, Drancy and Natzweiler-Stutthof) enable the participants to study the history of the Holocaust and other 20th-century génocides.

Send requests to the training department:
tel.: 01 53 01 17 83 or

Training for other professions by request

The Memorial can develop and adapt training courses to different professions. For example, it has created many courses for new police recruits, police chiefs, Ministry of Defense employees, etc. The sessions include talks with Holocaust survivors, meetings with historians and tours of the Mémorial.

Outside the walls

Throughout the school year, the Shoah Memorial offers teachers and students extramural activities, including film screenings, training days, traveling exhibitions and educational workshops. The goal is to allow teachers to take advantage of the Shoah Memorial’s pedagogical activities everywhere in France.

Each year, the Memorial also organizes training courses in Europe aiming to have the history of the Holocaust recognized, shed new light on mass crimes and State violence and share historiographical advances on these topics.

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