The annual report

Dear friends,
Throughout 2021, the public slowly but surely came back to the Memorial, both on and off site. We’ve continued rolling out educational and transmission initiatives online – on social media and on our website. Most of our events are now available both in person and online, often live on our website and our social media channels. A number of milestones made this year a particularly intense one:
Our exhibition dedicated to homosexuals and lesbians in German-occupied Europe enjoyed great success and allowed a new audience to discover the Memorial.This year also saw the recent acquisition of five contact sheets, or 98 photographs and negatives of the “green card” roundup. This exclusive report shows in great detail each step of the first group arrest of Jews in Paris on May 14th, 1941, by French police forces on the initiative of German authorities. This acquisition enjoyed sizeable media coverage and many people visited the open-air exhibition at the Japy Gymnasium in Paris’ 11th arrondissement.
We are honored and delighted that the Jules Isaac Cultural Center, an emblematic institution of Auvergne’s history of Jews, has joined the Shoah Memorial in order to make its actions more permanent.

Commemorations, public reading of the names of deportees, celebration of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the Yom HaShoah and Hazkarah ceremonies were all attended by our faithful public, both in person and online.

In 2021, our institution welcomed close to 2,045 school groups and trained close to 5,800 professionals in order to help them teach the history of the Holocaust and other genocides, and to show the inner workings of racism and antisemitism, as well as the hatred from which they spring. In the context of its educational mission and in the context of the National Resistance and Deportation Contest, the Shoah Memorial and the National Resistance Museum worked together for the first time to present a joint exhibition that depicted the genesis of the contest.

I am especially grateful to all our donors for their continued support and contributions to the Shoah Memorial’s educational efforts against hatred and intolerance. Thanks to you, dear donors, we are able to continue passing on the memory of the Holocaust, a work that is ever so effective, precious and essential.

Éric de Rothschild
President of the Shoah Memorial