Multimedia encyclopedia of the Shoah

The Multimedia Encyclopedia of the Shoah includes over 300 articles on the history of the destruction of the Jews of Europe.  Each entry deals with one aspect of the Shoah and is illustrated by photographs, video testimonies, objects, still or moving maps and individual life stories.

New articles about the French specificities of the Holocaust are regularly added to this exceptional database, which was developed in cooperation with the USHMM in Washington. Articles will soon be available on the Vichy government’s anti-Semitic legislation, the fate of the Jews in France’s big cities, institutions set up by the French State (U.G.I.F., C.G.G.J., and I.E.Q.J.) trials of collaborators and French internment camps.

Other tools are presented with the encyclopedia: a comparative timeline, a summary of the genocide’s key dates, a glossary accessible from links throughout the Shoah Memorial’s website and a selection of reference works.