The Shoah Memorial’s international branches

For several years, the Shoah Memorial has been developing activities in French regions and abroad with branches in Toulouse, Italy, Poland and the United States.


The Shoah Memorial has had a permanent correspondent in Italy since 2010. Continuous training, partnerships with Resistance museums and universities are its activities’ main focus.
In 2014, nearly 1,300 teachers took part in seminars organized by the Memorial, including the fourth Italian university “Thinking about and Teaching the History of the Holocaust” from June 22 to 27 at the Shoah Memorial in Paris.

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Poland is at the heart of the Shoah Memorial’s policies: class trips to Auschwitz-Birkenau, the summer university for French teachers, a mixed teaching university and visits by Polish education personnel to the Mémorial.
The Agency for Education, Polin Museum, Historical Institute and French embassy are the key contacts of the Memorial’s representative in Poland, which supports high-quality cooperation.

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In this country, which has a very dense network of organizations and institutions dedicated to remembering the Holocaust, the Memorial decided to rely on local players to circulate two specially adapted major traveling exhibitions (“Filming the Camps” and “Hélène Berr”). The Memorial’s correspondent organizes local teacher training courses before the openings of these exhibitions, which were highlights of the annual program.

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