Give a multimedia archive

The audiovisual center is creating a collection of amateur films in all formats and on all supports. These personal films, essential for constructing the memory of the 20th century, show aspects of daily life ignored in professional cinema. An important heritage, they include home movies, fiction films, reportages and cartoons made by non-professionals.

The audiovisual center welcomes you and advises you to donate your original films or copies.  They will be preserved, digitized and kept at the center. You will remain the owner of your films and choose the conditions in which they will be shown (viewing at the Memorial, use in workshops or documentaries, etc.).

If you have recorded a testimony on tape, DVD or any other medium and would like the Memorial’s audiovisual center to have it, please contact us.

For information, please contact :

Laurence Voix/Marie-Hélène Joyeux
Tel.: 01 53 01 17 03