Extension of the exhibition «Homosexuals and lesbians in Nazi Europe»

thursday 17 june 2021sunday 22 may 2022

The exhibition “Homosexuals and Lesbians in Nazi Europe” is extended until 22 May 2022.

In 2021, for the first time in France, A history museum retraces in a chronological and thematic way the history of the persecution of homosexuals and lesbians under the Third Reich, relying on a rich selection of documents mostly never presented in France.

For a long time taboo, the fate of pink triangles, although it has been the subject of major historical research for some thirty years, is still unknown. Indeed, it is only in the favor of the gay and lesbian liberation movement of the 1970s that the subject begins to be debated, raising many questions that constitute so many memorial stakes: what was the nature of the persecutions? How many people were affected? Were all homosexuals targeted? What happened to lesbians? Which territories were affected by the repression, especially in France? How to honour the memory of the victims?

Exhibition curator: Florence Tamagne (lecturer in contemporary history at the University of Lille, specialist in the history of homosexuality)

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Exhibition Homosexuals and lesbians in Nazi Europe

on the 3rd floor of the Paris Shoah Memorial

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