Training seminar for 30 Bosnian teachers in Banja Luka, April 2016

séminaire formation banja luka Mémorial Shoah

Séminaire formation Banja Luka ©Mémorial Shoah

From April 19 to 21, the Jewish Community of Banja Luka held a training seminar for 30 Bosnian teachers about the history of the Holocaust and mass killings in the Balkans during World War II. The Claims Conference backed the event, which followed the first seminar, in Sarajevo in April 2015, when teachers from the Serbian Republic and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina came together. The participants visited Drakulic (five kilometers from Banja Luka), where Ustasha forces murdered 2,300 Serb villagers on February 7, 1942. Alexander Korb, a specialist on Ustasha mass violence, Nicolas Patin and Christophe Tarricone mobilized a team including mainly historians of the region.