New ! Exhibition “By the grace of God”
The Churches and The Holocaust exhibition

friday 17 june 2022thursday 23 february 2023

How could the Nazi regime implement the assassination of Jews in the heart of Christian Europe, before the eyes of the clergy and faithful? Between prejudice, diplomacy, mutual aid and resistance, why did the men and women of the Church protest and act when others remained silent? For eighty years, these questions have continued to question the European conscience.

Beyond the polemics, the recent discoveries related to the opening of the Vatican archives and a renewed historiography, offer the opportunity to establish the positions of the Christian, Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Churches, facing the Shoah by placing them in a longer context, from the tradition of Christian anti-Judaism to recent memory.

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Nina Valbousquet, historian, French School of Rome

Caroline François, in charge of the exhibitions at the Shoah Memorial, assisted by Élise Petitpez, museographer, Élise Arnaud and Lorette Cambianica, trainees at the Shoah Memorial

Free entrance, 1st floor of the Shoah Memorial